Overcoming Violence in This World

Every human being wants peace, it’s in the make up of every soul.

Clearly killing is not bringing peace, nor is it changing anyone’s beliefs or putting an end to anything.

Stop the cycle of hatred and killing.

Stop killing.

Accept the losses. Yes there is pain, by all means feel it, release it, but do not act out of it.

Let go of the history. It is behind you not in front of you.

Forgive the killers, dig deep.

You ask how can anyone unleash violence such as this? By being lost and not knowing their true selves, that’s how. Do not wish killers more ill, they are already there. That’s how they came to be killers. Wish them love to wake them up. Be vigilant.

Forgive yourself for hating them, for hating you.

It only stops when it stops.


Be compassionate with yourself.

Be compassionate with the enemy.

Each person you encounter is your teacher.

Those who cause you pain teach a lesson in compassion, look for it, use it and be grateful.


The path to peace is to love the self and extend it out to all life.

When you love your self you can do no harm.

When each of us does this, see where it leads….

By doing we teach


Peace is power that is real

Hate has force that is unreal


We live in a world of duality, hatred and peace, but there is space between the two – in the middle there is balance, it is neutral, go there.

Each of us is responsible for what we think and what we do. It’s not necessary to burden ourselves with changing the world, or to feel hopeless in view of the violence flooding the media.

Simply be the change you wish to see and mentor your children in kind.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Violence in This World”

  1. Hi Mairi

    How right you are! I try to encourage everyone to send love and healing to those who harm others, no matter how difficult it is. We are all one family and those who harm others are all soul sick in some way.

    I have been enjoying your posts and they show how much you are growing spiritually.

    I seem to be getting busier than ever, an indication that there are a lot of upset people out there, also a lot of younger people seriously ill.

    Keep moving forward on your journey with love and trust in your heart.

    Love Patricia


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