Flight School

EAGLE MOUTH OPENOut walking “cleeking” from a bald eagle draws me to a dead tree where two adults and one fledgling perch.

eagle family

What is this “cleeking talk” about I wonder?







My eyes sweep of the area and see much nearer to me is a structure of sticks erupting out of the crotch of a cottonwood that could probably support both the weight and length of an adult human.

Eagle nest

eagle puppet in nestA second young eagle peers over the rim. His head looking much like a hand puppet turning side to side. He watches me, perhaps responding to the “cleeking” from his mother who I assume is warning me, or the young ones, that its time to be wary, a stranger is near.

I spend hours with this family listening to their talk, observing their posturing and flights from one dead tree to another, circling out over the water returning with empty talons.

Scree eagle flight Mairi Budreau

Is the nestling supposed to connect this routine to satisfying his hunger? He’s a big boy, adult in size, but prefers to sit at home rather than get out like his sibling, and test his wings or develop hunting skill.

young eagle from rear

The youth perched with his parents reveals just how inexperienced he is.

These fledglings are teachers, messengers. I too am learning to trust that the air I fly through will support me. Learning to soar on invisible thermals and coordinate my body to do unearthly things as I explore and respond to the spirit world then come back down to a branch, to children, to my mate, to the earth.

With my soul full of sunlight, body sticky with sweat, and heart glowing with the message imparted by these revered flight masters I head home assured once again about the path before me.
Take flight girl, everything you need is right in front of you – now step off the edge of your comfort zone.

click the link then scroll down a bit to watch   eagle video

Photos: Mairi Budreau

One thought on “Flight School”

  1. HI Mairi Thank you for sharing your lessons and walking meditations. If we are aware there is so much that nature can teach us – spirit tries so hard to catch our attention. Blessings on your journey. Love Patricia


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