So what does the Coyote mean? by ann Brokelman for Coyote watch canada
Photo: Ann Brokelman for Coyote Watch Canada

You saw the coyote video in the previous post

What answer did he provide?

At the time of the encounter I was focused on the Hay House decision, will they, or won’t they choose to publish my book ?????
A new career direction is up in the air for another month.

Plan B is to self-publish. Either way, the book will be published, seems straight forward right?

What’s up in the air about that?

Answer: Marketing the book. There are many avenues to choose from and because there are three key realms in the story, I saw three different audiences. I was struggling to choose one.

When confused, I ask spirit for help

That morning I asked for a sign to point to the audience.

Next, in the painting studio the music shifted from speaker to speaker and then the volume went up and down ‘all by itself.’
I’d heard this happens to others, but it had never to me before.
I checked the sound system to see if there was something wrong and found nothing.

So I asked out loud, “who is doing this?” No obvious answer came back.

After washing up my brushes I felt the impulse to take the camera and walk in the Park and you saw what happened there.

The encounter felt noteworthy and curiousity opened…

Did the coyote represent ‘who’ manipulated the music? I was talking about the music when he burst in with the howl.

Who or what does coyote represent to me?
The Navajo, and this leads me to the Navajo Grandmother who ‘shows up’ providing insight and wisdom in spirit readings.

Then I thought; I live in Secwepemc territory and their Creation story features coyote. Do I market here first? Well yes, okay there’s an answer. These questions were rattling through my head when,

“Go back to look for the Coyote” popped into my thoughts.

As you know I did return and he was there. Precious moments of his presence were not recorded as I wrestled with digging out my glasses from a zipped pocket and trying to record with a glare on the camera viewing screen.

If the coyote means the Navajo Grandmother was the music shifter, that points towards one of the three audiences, which is the Indigenous  – ok that makes sense.

At home I turned to Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak
and these points resonated:

Much magic has been associated with the coyote, but the magic doesn’t
always work.

I started to second guess my interpretation !

Even in it’s not working, it serves a purpose.

Could it be the book will not be chosen, but has served a purpose anyway?

There is always hidden wisdom where the coyote is concerned. He reminds us not to become too serious and that anything is possible. Coyote makes things more complicated than they need to be.

Am I complicating the marketing? Probably.

I admit, I get too serious about things!

In the days afterward this percolated and I relaxed about wanting to know all the answers.

It turned out my book wasn’t selected. Was anything lost? – find out in next weekend’s post.

The marketing hasn’t been sorted out, but I let go of needing answers right now. The hidden wisdom will appear when the time is right.


I’m sharing these authentic events and interpretations with you whether they pan out or not, to open up an old way of connecting to the earth to understand ourselves on deeper levels.

So many of us feel we are alone, but nothing could be further from the truth. Connections from the spirit world occur all the time. When there is a willingness to see, feel, or hear, they appear in gentleness.

If you’ve had signs appear to you, or if you have insight on what happened to me – feel free to share them below or send an email.



2 thoughts on “So what does the Coyote mean?”

  1. Wow what a wonderful experience you had. The universe will provide you the answers . Not when you want it. But when your ready for it. Great job
    Cannot wait to read this book.


  2. My answers come through dreams. Never when I expect it. I believe myself connected through something inside of me, a soul perhaps. This soul connection goes out like rivulets on a delta, blood vessels in the brain, branches in a tree, through the universe, connecting with others.
    The answer will come to you.


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