There’s always something

Roaming in the woods usually starts on a trail. I visit the same places often and know the shape of the land well, so when an impulse to go off the trail comes, I just go with it.

It’s a green world in the forests of BC’s interior even though large fires are still burning not too far away. The temperatures have been up to 38C in the last week.

So the impulse hits and I slip off the trail in a slow roam up a hillside, soaking up the life, loving it and hugging it with my heart, mind, and soul. A couple of grouse burst out of high limbs and rounded the top of the hill and over to the side exposed to afternoon sun which had not swung around yet. A small bird more less exploded out of the ground beside me and in an erratic flight landed on the ground 20 feet away.
Oh no, it’s injured.
I approached it and before raising my camera, I knew.
I, for a moment had swallowed the bait, hook line and sinker!  This was a mother bird pretending to be injured to lure me away from her young.

I stepped back to where she popped up and among the grey rocks and needles nestled in a shallow depression among rocks blending in very well were two gawky looking little chicks.
This Common Nighthawk was well camouflaged too, remaining in her broken wing position.
I felt it was a gift to be so close and see this new life and be so close to her.

I was recording the chicks when a hornet started nibbling on my thigh reminding me not to stay too long. So I quickly covered them from all angles and let Mom lead me away. I wanted her to know she had done her job of protecting them and could return to them.

e nighthawk mom

e nighthawk mom2

e nighthawk chicks 2

e nighthawk chicksTo stay longer than a few minutes could put those little lives in peril without her around to guard them. I was not a real threat but she didn’t know that and wasting her energy and theirs was not my intention, so my visit with them was short; trying for her and meaningful to me.

These ground nesting birds choose the best spot, hers would have been in full sun on that 38 degree day. These small creatures are so resilient.

As I left her behind, I thanked her for teaching more about motherhood.
Whenever that impulse to go off the trail comes, there’s always something.
From out in the Spiritual Wilderness – Quiet Walker



Flight School

EAGLE MOUTH OPENOut walking “cleeking” from a bald eagle draws me to a dead tree where two adults and one fledgling perch.

eagle family

What is this “cleeking talk” about I wonder?







My eyes sweep of the area and see much nearer to me is a structure of sticks erupting out of the crotch of a cottonwood that could probably support both the weight and length of an adult human.

Eagle nest

eagle puppet in nestA second young eagle peers over the rim. His head looking much like a hand puppet turning side to side. He watches me, perhaps responding to the “cleeking” from his mother who I assume is warning me, or the young ones, that its time to be wary, a stranger is near.

I spend hours with this family listening to their talk, observing their posturing and flights from one dead tree to another, circling out over the water returning with empty talons.

Scree eagle flight Mairi Budreau

Is the nestling supposed to connect this routine to satisfying his hunger? He’s a big boy, adult in size, but prefers to sit at home rather than get out like his sibling, and test his wings or develop hunting skill.

young eagle from rear

The youth perched with his parents reveals just how inexperienced he is.

These fledglings are teachers, messengers. I too am learning to trust that the air I fly through will support me. Learning to soar on invisible thermals and coordinate my body to do unearthly things as I explore and respond to the spirit world then come back down to a branch, to children, to my mate, to the earth.

With my soul full of sunlight, body sticky with sweat, and heart glowing with the message imparted by these revered flight masters I head home assured once again about the path before me.
Take flight girl, everything you need is right in front of you – now step off the edge of your comfort zone.

click the link then scroll down a bit to watch   eagle video

Photos: Mairi Budreau

Akashic Solo Walk

In preparation for the Meditation Walk coming up soon, I roamed the Akashic Ranch to connect with this land and it’s inhabitants.

After some quiet in the tipi I walked out into the great wide open responding to a single impulse, to be there and nowhere else.

Moving from rocky outcrop to salty lake, to beds of river-worn stones pushed in by the great ice sheet then across the meadow to the cool shady forest sharing her secrets, fringed by a forgotten wagon trail, a reminder that we too are part of this wildness.

A naturally formed hoop appeared leading me to a bear den, a raw and tender nursery in the woods. Multitudes of sparrows sprung like arrows from hidden homes on the ground and flitted with nuthatches and chickadees, delighting in their findings that dangled in bear hair lichen then lighting on limbs to wash, preen and sort out their moult.

Deer trails led to sunning beds and places of shelter and insight into deer life. Then a great spirit appeared looming dark and upright pulling me in close, inspiring awe and wonder, looking me in the eye. We ‘spoke’ awhile in ancient terms and I moved on. Later I circled back and he was still there.

owl facing cropped

My eyes were windows without glass. I could feel, hear, sense and absorb the perfumed land in timeless sequence.

sm yellow field and salt lake Akashic Ranch M. Budreau

A profoundly flowered meadow surrounded me and I sat for a long while in “the all” of
a dome sky overhead. It altered my consciousness, the ‘real world’ fell away. This was all there was to experience, the grasses waving and nodding in the summer breezes kissing the earth.

In Movement with Nature, A Walking Meditation will take place July 30th, 2016 at the Akashic Ranch. (click link for event details)

Join me at the tipi to prepare for a deep cleansing, insightful rejuvenating connection. The ranch is a natural, gorgeous retreat.


Overcoming Violence in This World

Every human being wants peace, it’s in the make up of every soul.

Clearly killing is not bringing peace, nor is it changing anyone’s beliefs or putting an end to anything.

Stop the cycle of hatred and killing.

Stop killing.

Accept the losses. Yes there is pain, by all means feel it, release it, but do not act out of it.

Let go of the history. It is behind you not in front of you.

Forgive the killers, dig deep.

You ask how can anyone unleash violence such as this? By being lost and not knowing their true selves, that’s how. Do not wish killers more ill, they are already there. That’s how they came to be killers. Wish them love to wake them up. Be vigilant.

Forgive yourself for hating them, for hating you.

It only stops when it stops.


Be compassionate with yourself.

Be compassionate with the enemy.

Each person you encounter is your teacher.

Those who cause you pain teach a lesson in compassion, look for it, use it and be grateful.


The path to peace is to love the self and extend it out to all life.

When you love your self you can do no harm.

When each of us does this, see where it leads….

By doing we teach


Peace is power that is real

Hate has force that is unreal


We live in a world of duality, hatred and peace, but there is space between the two – in the middle there is balance, it is neutral, go there.

Each of us is responsible for what we think and what we do. It’s not necessary to burden ourselves with changing the world, or to feel hopeless in view of the violence flooding the media.

Simply be the change you wish to see and mentor your children in kind.

Progress is…

e cloudsProgress is staying neutral in conflict, neither adding nor subtracting

Progress is allowing others to be who they are

Progress is loving yourself with compassion, not ego

Progress is giving not receiving

Progress is non-judgment of others, of situations, of self.

Progress is recognizing yourself in everything around you, you are your surroundings.

Progress is do no harm.

MB 2016


How Far My Balloon Travels

A “yes” would have ended two years of feeling directionless but a few minutes after hearing “No” I nosed dived into sadness. I just let it come in waves. The feelings would pass, but I felt disoriented, caught up in confusion of what is next; publish on my own or forget about it?

With plan B already in mind, feeling sad took me by surprise. I guess it was a release of almost a years worth of focus.

The sky was touching the earth, light rain fell and thick grey cloud hung in rain curtains. Cold and dampness drew inside with each breath. I returned to nature to sort out my thoughts.

I followed an impulse to stay off the trails and my green oilskin jacket blended me into the fir trees.

I spoke to my guides for help, asking for a clear sign about what is next? I said,

“Make it a sign that I absolutely cannot confuse with anything else. Make it crystal clear and before 6pm, now get to it!” I blubbered.

I broke away from the trees out into the open, down a hill and a mound of dirt pulled me to find a coyote den, empty, but used last summer. My eyes were drawn to clumps of deer fur, no carcass or other remains, a few feet away.

A short distance from that grew two straight ponderosa pines about 20 feet tall. The lowest limbs began swaying as though something had just brushed past them. The rest of the tree was motionless as were the neighbouring trees. You would think it was a breeze, but a very isolated one.

A few more steps and a turn and a green helium balloon hung upside down and deflated, just like my feelings.
“Garbage,” I thought, and reached to pull it from the tree.

I froze. This may be the sign.

An awareness to details rushed in. Attached was a ribbon and turquoise tube (bringing to mind Navajo culture, and my Navajo Spirit Grandmother, perhaps she was providing this answer) and inside was rolled up paper – a message.

The paper was swollen from the rain and too tight to pull out. I carried the balloon and its dangly bits on the rest of the walk, my curiosity growing.

At home I opened it…

click to watch the message.
Mairi Budreau reads a message that arrived by balloon






In the first pass the note didn’t seem to answer the question about which way to go with the book. The words of the child were lovely and innocent, but later when I was telling Huz about it, the meaning came clear.

“I would like to see how far away my balloon travels.”

That’s the message, that’s the direction, “put the book out, set it free and see where it goes.”

Now you recall I asked for a crystal clear message. Well spirit made sure I got it. I checked my email and the first one read:

AbeBooks, Vancouver Island University, and Dynamic Owl Consulting
are looking for candidates like you. (courtesy of LinkedIn)

Okay, I got it clear and concise – keep going with the book!

All this happened before 6pm.

My intuition felt the messages had been understood correctly. This girl was back on course!!

Care to share your asks to the unseen and the answers that came back? Feel free to share below or by email, email is confidential.


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So what does the Coyote mean? by ann Brokelman for Coyote watch canada
Photo: Ann Brokelman for Coyote Watch Canada

You saw the coyote video in the previous post

What answer did he provide?

At the time of the encounter I was focused on the Hay House decision, will they, or won’t they choose to publish my book ?????
A new career direction is up in the air for another month.

Plan B is to self-publish. Either way, the book will be published, seems straight forward right?

What’s up in the air about that?

Answer: Marketing the book. There are many avenues to choose from and because there are three key realms in the story, I saw three different audiences. I was struggling to choose one.

When confused, I ask spirit for help

That morning I asked for a sign to point to the audience.

Next, in the painting studio the music shifted from speaker to speaker and then the volume went up and down ‘all by itself.’
I’d heard this happens to others, but it had never to me before.
I checked the sound system to see if there was something wrong and found nothing.

So I asked out loud, “who is doing this?” No obvious answer came back.

After washing up my brushes I felt the impulse to take the camera and walk in the Park and you saw what happened there.

The encounter felt noteworthy and curiousity opened…

Did the coyote represent ‘who’ manipulated the music? I was talking about the music when he burst in with the howl.

Who or what does coyote represent to me?
The Navajo, and this leads me to the Navajo Grandmother who ‘shows up’ providing insight and wisdom in spirit readings.

Then I thought; I live in Secwepemc territory and their Creation story features coyote. Do I market here first? Well yes, okay there’s an answer. These questions were rattling through my head when,

“Go back to look for the Coyote” popped into my thoughts.

As you know I did return and he was there. Precious moments of his presence were not recorded as I wrestled with digging out my glasses from a zipped pocket and trying to record with a glare on the camera viewing screen.

If the coyote means the Navajo Grandmother was the music shifter, that points towards one of the three audiences, which is the Indigenous  – ok that makes sense.

At home I turned to Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak
and these points resonated:

Much magic has been associated with the coyote, but the magic doesn’t
always work.

I started to second guess my interpretation !

Even in it’s not working, it serves a purpose.

Could it be the book will not be chosen, but has served a purpose anyway?

There is always hidden wisdom where the coyote is concerned. He reminds us not to become too serious and that anything is possible. Coyote makes things more complicated than they need to be.

Am I complicating the marketing? Probably.

I admit, I get too serious about things!

In the days afterward this percolated and I relaxed about wanting to know all the answers.

It turned out my book wasn’t selected. Was anything lost? – find out in next weekend’s post.

The marketing hasn’t been sorted out, but I let go of needing answers right now. The hidden wisdom will appear when the time is right.


I’m sharing these authentic events and interpretations with you whether they pan out or not, to open up an old way of connecting to the earth to understand ourselves on deeper levels.

So many of us feel we are alone, but nothing could be further from the truth. Connections from the spirit world occur all the time. When there is a willingness to see, feel, or hear, they appear in gentleness.

If you’ve had signs appear to you, or if you have insight on what happened to me – feel free to share them below or send an email.